Monday, November 13, 2006

Here i Am..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Traffic! Mama

you need to be a PhD to drive in bangalore.

something to write about traffic in bangalore brings a lot of jammed packed traffic in my brain. nothing special to write; they all remain the same. but see the agony of people. if they (read authorities) try to do something good for this bubbling traffic; well the situation still will be worse.

now, they seem to have brought the autorickshaws to a separate caste; a brand new lane (ofcourse the prevailing one got narrowed down) for them.

it looks good; only for few (read: the 2 wheelers)  who get stuck up in this death lane only to have a miserable life trying all sorts of acrobatics and aerobics, to get them and their poor vehicle out of this stone cold hell.

so i be better a pot hole driver (PhD) to survive here.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

legends never die. Crikey!

you will always remain as the greatest ambassador for the diminishing environment.

i used to see him quite often and then used to wonder, where does he gets the guts and strength to deal with such dangerous yet needy wild species and slowly; i only realize he is not doing just for me and anyone.

he conveys that wildlife need our love and care like any of us. that's crikey! for you. today i am shocked to hear he is no more with us and what's more shocking are the helpless wild species who were; his best friends.

popularly known as the croc hunter; I am today saddened by his untimely death. very few people become good ambassadors to the environment and wildlife. and he is undoubtedly among them.

hats off to you; Steve Irwin.

with condolences to Terry and the in peace, mate.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

hair siblings

third week on the row.

if the above reminds you of something adventurous well i won't be much surprised; it is. it is just over three weeks i have donated my crop of hair to the barber. now if it helps me of dandruff and falling hairs i will be the happiest guy on the earth.

slowly, my scalp has started to cover up with a black mesh which only is proving the point that hair grows with other its siblings. i have almost forgot how i actually resemble when i had my crop, though, "Not Bad, huh!"is what i exclaim now after my mirror reflects me (having few of the clean shaved footballers in my mind.)

well as of now bald is the fashion statement for me;

Friday, August 25, 2006


it's my life.

its miserable. i am now seeing life and feeling it for the first time.
i feel why i have to say live for the moment, don’t live for tomorrow.

yeah, that’s what i am doing. living for today and waking up for tomorrow. its so painful. the office life sucks. yes you heard it rite. it sucks and does something more than that.

thank god, someone understands me and some one constantly cares me.its my i have slowly developed a bonding relationship with so many bands does reminds me that i am not the person to just live for the moment. i wish i could have said some more…

i have to go miles, before i sleep Mr. John Keats (you again have clicked rite).

Thursday, August 17, 2006

the last samurai

i have just finished seeing 'the last samurai' on the star.

sometimes, i feel i am so lucky to be among such great people who have succeeded to move my heart left to can they make such great's not that i have seen this movie for the first time, but it its just that it teaches me something new i watch it each-time.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

happy anniversary :))

happy marriage anniversary, mom&dad

this is their 26th anniversary, and i'love you mom&dad.i know the sailing was the most adventurous of anything i have seen..i must say you are nothing less than the greatest adventurous people in this world.

hold on, they are hungry for more; and i will be always there..i am an adventure seeker, too.

i love you mom; i love you dad; :)